Most people see agriculture only as a source of “food and fiber”.

However, a much broader role for agriculture is emerging as new markets develop for renewable energy and other industrial applications from the bio-based feedstock.

Our Bio-based solutions are non-food, non-feed agricultural products that are used in a variety of industrial applications; harnessing solar energy to provide raw materials for industrial needs

“It is this process that transforms a supposed agricultural residue into an Industrial raw material that inspired us to name our company ChloroEarthTM 

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One such resource on tap is the vast monomers available from India’s agriculture base that should be used for industrial applications. Examples include:  Cardanol, Epoxy Vegetables Oils, Furfural, and many more.  90% of this production goes unutilized because of undeveloped supply chains, equally debilitating to these industries is lack of capital despite proven demand and import substitution.

ChloroEarthTM mission is to identify a  wide variety of industrial products, including biomaterials, fuels, and biopolymers from bio-based raw materials, that can broadly replace conventional energy sources and their applications.

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