Basalt & GioPolymers

The steel and Portland Cement Industry consumes excessive amounts of energy and water which eviscerates planet resources. India has the largest blanket of Basalt in the world and lies un-utilised to play a significant role in a global thrust towards a sustainable economy. Use of Basalt products can replace 25% of India’s steel output. GeoPolymers can replace a substantial portion of Portland cement as well.Producing GeoPolymers and Basalt Rebars at a fraction of costs compared to conventional building materials should be an important contributor to 3600 or circular economy.We have tied up with the leading global research scientists to introduce Basalt and GeoPolymers as alternatives to Steel and Portland cement in areas of roads and other infrastructure projects that India so badly needs.These technologies can also be deployed to build rapid low cost pre-fab housing for displaced populations as well.

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