Agri Fibre boards
One of the reasons tropical forests are being cut down so rapidly is the demand for hardwoods or softwoods, such as teak, mahogany, maple, beech and other alternatives. These unsustainable logging of forests reduces our Carbon sinks, decimates local creatures and the prospects of the people who live there.

An alternative would be an environmentally friendly way to make a replacement to these hard and soft woods that go into particle board, OSB and plywood from a renewable agricultural resource.

Going beyond a bio-composite, our boards are completely renewable, environmentally friendly and are much stronger than particle board and competes easily with OSB.

In one of the world’s breakthrough we are one few companies in the world that uses a unique bio-polymer combination as a binder for our boards.

ChloroEarthTM is now deploying this cutting edge research in binding technology to bring out an analogue to particle boards and OSB from agri-residues that are at the forefront of green tech.

This is the closest to BioMimicry of wood that can be achieved.

Further, we have initiated developmental programmes to enhance socio-economic opportunities for marginal farmers that grow Sorghum, Bamboo and eventually Cotton, Jute, Rice, and even Cocoa and Coir.

“Agriwaste” will now earn the farmer a “Second Harvest”

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